About Us

Blacked Out is a Scorpions' tribute band hailing from New England.  Veteran musicians got together and saw the need to emulate a great rock band and recognized nobody was doing it.  We take songs from just about all of the albums from the Scorpions' discography and present a great show for all to experience in a fantastic way.  Lots of great things are coming 'cause...the best is yet to come. 

The Special Ingredients in Blacked Out are (from left to right on the image above and others below):

  • Larry Edwards - Bass Guitar & Vocals

  • Aric Clarke - Keyboards and Sound Engineering

  • Rob Duquette - Percussion

  • Angel Ace - Background Vocals

  • Philip Mooradian - Lead Vocals

  • Deana Birch Bowes - Background Vocals

  • Robert Gerrish - Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

  • Barry Kutz - Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Philip Mooradian 
(Lead Vocals)


      Phil was always interested in working a Scorpions' tribute.  He started singing at weddings, coffeehouses and any place where he could get started. While a rock stage may have once seemed to be one of the most unlikely places for him, he teamed up with Larry to form a band that would last a long time.  Also, as a founding member also of Bad Medicine, Phil works the vocals of many different vocalists...yet Klaus' vocals are one of his greatest challenges.  He seeks to bring you what the tribute is for...depicting the Scorpions' sound and other aspects of the act.

     Though taking a break for a few years, he has come back with his acoustic guitar to realize a stronger voice and a deeper appreciation for performing with a great team of veteran musicians.  It does not matter what kind of tune it is, he will work it if it means the crowd enjoys it.  Whether it is the Scorpions, AC/DC, Melissa Etheridge, Journey, Sly and the Family Stone...he'll sing it.  Also, as one of the "business-minded people" in the band, he looks to grab as much attention for the band he can get.

Phil's Influences are: Klaus Mein, Steve Perry, Brad Delp, and Sammy Haggar, Paul Stanley, Jon Bon Jovi...to name a few.


Larry Edwards 
(Bass Guitar and Vocals)

    Larry is the leader of the Blacked Out Project. He has also been one of the founding members of Bad Medicine as well.  He has supplied the "bass thump from the left side" and most of the backing vocals in all versions of Bad Med.  He also played with bands such as Threshold and Shovelhed over the years. Larry has always been part of the mainstream efforts in keeping the band playing and sounding great. 

    Larry always adds great value to the band.  His "biker mentality" has added an edge to the band over the years.  Many of his song picks inspire the heavy sound that attracts many diverse audiences and has allowed the band to play at a number of venues where few bands have done simultaneously.  He has always designed the song list to accommodate the crowd, the club and popular musical interest.  His strange ability to work on-the-fly magic on stage has propelled the band into working an audience based on experience and preparation and that is what makes him a great value to his band mates.

Robert Gerrish 
(Lead/Rhythm Guitars) 

    Bob started playing guitar in the early 80's, concentrating on a mixture of classic rock and the cutting edge hard rock of the more modern era.  After a few years, he grew frustrated with his progress and decided to follow his first passion --the accordion!  Alas, his quest to become the "Polka King" would never be realized as the demands of a grueling 3-week Northern Wisconsin Chedderfest tour proved to be too much and he decided to go back to the "quieter life of rock and roll." 

    With renewed vigor, he returned to his faithful and patiently waiting Jackson guitar and never looked back, touring with bands like the Great Scandinavian Gospel act, "Bjorn Again," and also the opening leg of the first tour 92 with Guyana Kook-Aid. 

    As the newest member, Bob will really be a big part of Blacked Out with his great guitar riffs and heavy sound.  He will work well with the group.

Rob "Duke" Duquette   ("Everything's mint!")


Rob always worked towards percussion as his passion.  While he spent playing time with a number of local tribute bands in New Hampshire, most of his time with cover bands was spent with Close Range, Bad Medicine and Horizon (and still plays with Horizon).  He was always a rugged member in all his bands and stayed with the team effort.  His "team player" attitude always did lend the easy way for any band to perform and he continues to be a relentless stickler to producing in practice sessions.  This contributed to working a polishing effort on all the final acts on stage.

Since his favorite band from the past was the Scorpions, it was logical that we was put in this situation as a member of Blacked Out.  He takes pride in learning every song and is truly an engaged member.  Rob is the backbone of the "rhythm of love" that is Blacked Out.